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reverend Sheldon B. Wilson

Rev. Sheldon B. Wilson is the Founder and Senior Pastor/Teacher of Christ Central Columbia –  – a rapidly growing church ministering to 5 generations. A proud native of Columbia, SC., he was baptized at age 6 and has been in ministry at various capacities for over 20 years. God has graced Pastor Wilson by allowing him to serve in several areas of ministry.


He was taught to reverence and worship God at an early age by his parents and grandparents. He confessed and believed on the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in spring of 2001 at Fort Clark Baptist Church in Elgin, SC. His heart was moved while the organist was ministering a song by Fred Hammond entitled “You Are the Living Word.” He was then baptized and joined under the leadership of Bishop William H. Woodard Jr. at 6 years of age on June 3, 2001. Shortly afterwards he received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost while at an evening service in Salisbury, NC at Ambassador Christian Church, where the Pastor at that time was Dr. John Krider. He continued to serve at Fort Clark Baptist church on the Youth Choir and the Audio and Visual Ministry under the leadership of Minister Christopher Lawrence.


In 2006, he began to attend Mount Zion Baptist Church of Blythewood, South Carolina under the leadership of Pastor, Rev. Dr. Leander West Jr. where he later joined. It was there where he was further nurtured and cultivated in the Christian faith. He served in the Music department, Youth Department and Sunday School Department.  On the 5th Sunday, June 30, 2013, his preaching ministry was birthed at the Mount Zion Baptist Church. He preached a message entitled “Keep Your Hands to the Plow” from Luke 9:62. On the 24th day of June, 2018 he preached is initial sermon “Christ the Lifter” and was licensed to preach by the Mount Zion Baptist Church of Blythewood, SC. He was ordained by the Gethsemane Baptist Association on the 8th day of September, 2019.


A diligent man, Wilson is pursuing higher education. He has served Richland School District 2 as a Substitute Teacher for grades K-12 for several years. Pastor Wilson has a deep passion for Community development, outreach and ministering to the total being. His aim is to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ applicable to everyday life and minister effectively in preaching, teaching, and living.


His motto is “Love Somebody, Lift Somebody, Lead Somebody, Be Somebody!”

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